USS Renshaw Ship's Log - 21 February 1945

1100 - received a torpedo hit on the port side, near frame 115, six feet below the waterline. All power was lost. Ship listed sharply to starboard, then righted to assume a three degree list to starboard. Ship's position at the time of the hit was 09 deg. 01 min. North, 123 deg. 31 min. East.

A total of nineteen men were killed and twenty men were injured as a result of the Japanese torpedo attack. The quick action of the brave crew prevented serious damage to the main propulsion machinery as a result of flooding.

The following Renshaw shipmates made the ultimate sacrifice on that day:

Joseph Lester Beasley

Robert William Jones

Otis Lee Benke

Lawrence Johnson

Samuel Carl Blair

Wesley Ronald Osage

Lawrence George Cravalho

James Thomas Ryan

Thomas Francis Crimmins

Oliver Arnold Rahko

Michael Diarmuid Cunningham

Raymond Arthur Whalen

Carlos Anthony Decker

David Cole Whitfield

Clarence Robert Eyler

John Patrick Whittle

Edward Charles Frey

Robert Peter Yach

John Gushue


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