USS Renshaw DD/DDE-499
Reunion 2004

Portland, Oregon, October 7 - 10, 2004

We had a great reunion in Portland. We had about 55 shipmates, with about that many spouses and guests, as well. It was really great that we had more than 10 shipmates who were attending our reunion for the first time. Most assured us it would not be their last.

The management and staff at the Oxford Suites did their best to accommodate us and make us feel at home. The hospitality suite was warm and cordial and always well-stocked, thanks to Jim Murphy and his crew.

The tours were a lot of fun. We saw Bonneville Dam and took a cruise on the Columbia River. We all know a lot more about Lewis and Clark now. Next year will mark the 200th anniversary of the expedition's landing at the mouth of the Columbia River. It was a nice touch of history to be able to see where they came down the river those many years ago.

We also had a nice tour within the city of Portland. There were still many flowers in the rose gardens, even this late in the season. We enjoyed the beautiful Chinese Garden in China Town and a stop at the open market downtown.

We had our social time on Friday evening, with a nice deli meal and some entertainment in the hospitality suite. As always, our Saturday night banquet capped everything off and brought the proceedings to a close.

Our 2005 (Oct. 6-9) reunion will be in Baltimore, MD, and in 2006 (Sept 20-24), we will go to Buffalo, NY. Watch the website for more details as they become available.

We have to express thanks to a lot of people for making it all happen. Jim and Tomi Rardin were the eyes and ears of the committee in Portland. Jan McCurry and the rest of the reunion committee can take a bow, too. We take you for granted too much. None of this stuff happens automatically. Thanks to everyone for a lot of hard work. We'll do it all over again in Baltimore!

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