USS Renshaw DD/DDE-499

Plaque for Memorial Walk


The National Museum of the Pacific War

Fredericksburg, Texas


Wall of Plaques

Veterans' Memorial Walk


At our 2003 reunion in San Antonio, one of the great tours we enjoyed took us to the nearby town of Fredericksburg. Among the many attractions in this old German town, we visited the National Museum of the Pacific War. It was originally named the Admiral Nimitz Museum, but over the years it has grown into a much larger facility. Admiral Chester W. Nimitz is still a major part of the history and displays.

One feature we all enjoyed was the Veterans' Memorial Walk, with its many plaques commemorating various ships and military outfits.

Shipmate Dick Post proposed that we purchase a memorial plaque for our ship for everyone to see when they visit the museum. The plaque and its installation in the stone wall along the walk is about $3,000. At the 2003 reunion we had a hasty collection for this purpose and raised more than $300. We have since received additional contributions. We collected donations throughout the year and at the 2004 reunion. It will be great to see Renshaw's name displayed in this honored area. There is a ceremony to install the plaque in the wall and a representation of Renshaw sailors will attend that event. Thanks to all who have contributed. We would like to mention that a number of donations have been made in honor of departed shipmates. This is a great remembrance of a friend or family member who was in the Renshaw crew.

***2004 Note***

Thc goal has been achieved and Dick Post has completed the arrangements. Here is a picture of the plaque as mounted on the wall.

Renshaw Plaque


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